La Dordogne • Le Domaine de Pécany
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The touristic places

Castles and bastides, prehistoric caves, gardens, pits and many other places full of history await you.


The domain of Pécany is located in the south of the Dordogne, at the crossroads of the valley of the Dordogne and the Vézère valley. The former province of Perigord, located at the crossroads of the South-West between Gironde, Lot and Corrèze, enjoys a particularly temperate climate which makes it a region pleasant to live in all seasons and a privileged destination for vacation.

The Dordogne department is one of the largest in France, and of rare diversity; it is a country all by itself: Périgord.. The beneficial, temperate, oceanic climate and generous sunshine were beneficial to the harmonious blossoming of nature. During the last glaciation, forty thousand years ago, it is quite natural that the region was one of the main climatic refuges for men from eastern Europe. The large valleys, The shelters, The stream innumerable, and the forests invite you to discover exceptional sites that time and nature have built over millennia. The spectacular crystallization accomplished in these eternal cavities has all the appearances of a work of art. These magical places seemed to await Homo Sapiens (the wise man) who made Périgord the natural cradle of Humanity.

Caves and chasms


Back on 400,000 years of human history, a journey in the footsteps of our ancestors.

In this valley which owes its name to the Vézère river, is one of the most impressive concentration of prehistoric sites Europe: Deposits, decorated caves or troglodyte sites. Fifteen of these sites have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For 400,000 years, men have taken refuge in these places. Entering this valley and visiting its prehistoric treasures that bring us back to our origins, the emotion could well overwhelm you.

Masterpieces of paintings, sculptures, engravings Where testimonials of everyday life, get ready for a spellbinding journey through Prehistory.

Deposits, decorated caves, troglodyte sites, museums or even an interpretation center will take you back in time.

Troglodyte sites


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The troglodyte habitat of the Middle Ages was gradually superimposed on the habitat prehistoric. Evolution that can be admired thanks to exceptional sites such as the Madeleine, the Roque Saint Christophe, the Roc de Cazelle and the Conquil. The many aerial terraces overlooking the Vézère let you imagine what life could be like within Medieval city built into the cliffs.

Discover these entire villages built on the rock and sometimes overlooking the Perigord valleys. Learn the construction techniques of these habitats and discover the daily life of these inhabitants

Castles and Gardens


The Dordogne alone is home to more than a thousand castles, manor houses and bastides. Most of these buildings stand above the Dordogne and Vézère valleys, especially the castles.

To visit absolutely: The gardens by Marqueyssac the site is classified and it is the most visited garden of Périgord, one finds there the romantic spirit. This unique place has kept the ardor of those flamboyant times when one tasted the walk and the reverie. At the heart of 150,000 hand-cut box trees, the place is magical From the top of these 130 meters, and over 6 kilometers of alleys, the gardens dominate the Dordogne valley, from the Belvédère, you will have an unforgettable view of the legendary castles of Castelnaud, and Beynac or on its most beautiful villages in France: La Roque-Gageac, Domme.

Villages and Bastides


10 villages have the honor of being classified in Dordogne-Périgord

Do you want to know Périgord like the back of your hand? Stop off in our cities, villages and bastides of our beautiful region and discover its history through their walls.

The bastides which bear witness to the passage of the English are generally built in villages, mainly in the part of Périgord Pourpre in the south-west of the department.

Real historical treasures, the bastides of Périgord were new towns built at the start of the Hundred Years War. Those erected in the Dordogne are certainly some of the most beautiful in France.

In family. or as a couple, discover these places filled withstory. You will go back in time and discover, at the bend of an alley, unsuspected spaces of Périgord which will reveal many secrets.

Swimming and Canoeing


As for outdoor recreation, the Dordogne is an incomparable playground that will allow you to discover remarkable natural spaces. Nearly 600 km of river for the practice of canoë. Without forgetting the unusual activities such as stand up paddle.

In Périgord, on a beautiful summer day, it is difficult to escape the urge of a refreshing canoe descent. The Dordogne department is today the leading French destination for recreational canoeing.

Swimming in the Dordogne department is practiced both in rivers and in equipped areas (leisure center) offering many activities. These bathing areas can be free access or paid access, with or without supervised beaches.

Walks and hikes


More than 7000 km of marked paths for the Trek in all its forms (pedestrian, equestrian, mountain biking…).

Roaming is one of the best ways to discover the department at your own pace. A real time machine, hiking is a great way to retrace the footsteps of Humanity. The Périgord landscapes are full of traces, vestiges and paths that bring us back to our origins.

We provide you with a choice of hiking guide maps to discover Périgord in a different way.



In the Dordogne, gastronomy is a true art of living. Here you will taste the simple pleasures of a generous cuisine with authentic flavors, a heritage of our history and our terroirs. Our farmers, restaurateurs and winegrowers work with passion to offer you quality products. Around a good table, but also by browsing the markets or on the occasion of a gourmet party, pleasure and conviviality will be at the rendez-vous.